Well, something need to change


It is often I make sacrifices in my life. But this will I do for my own good, for both of us. I said  that to myself and  my friends also told me that this is best. I would of course, just be friends with this person. It has always been priority one as well. But this friendship with this person will changed. I do not want to hurt anyone, especially not myself and I know that. But sad that it'll be like this. That is how it must stop. The best that I should change to me than the pers and the other one get hurt. And I don't want that. What you do not know is not worth knowing. So it is unfortunately in this situation. Sorry! : / But I've already gone further in some way, but it is secret. I already made my choice, I did long ago. Things will be better and I will stop thinking about this.



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